Tres Rios Presbytery
1201 W Wall
Midland, TX  79701
432-687-6120 (Fax)

Kay Long, Stated Clerk
Jimmy Stevens, Treasurer
Theresa Wright, Administrative Assistant




Permanent Judicial Commission
Shall perform for the presbytery those functions described in the Book of Order.
Missional Nominations and Representation Team
Shall nominate to presbytery persons needed to fill positions on permanent teams and committees, and persons to represent the presbytery on all other bodies to which the presbytery sends commissioners, faithfully discerning the call of God and considering the full diversity of the people of God.
Bart Teeter
Missional Resource Team
Shall be responsible for the administrative functions of the presbytery.  Their work may be accomplished through task forces that will be responsible for the fiscal operations of the presbytery, matters relating to personnel, property, and the review of session records.  Any such task forces shall perform these functions in accordance with policies approved by the presbytery and presented to presbytery.
Moderator:  Don Carlton


Missional Networking  and Communication Team
Coordinates actions and projects, acts as a permanent discerning group to renew and redirect the life and work of the presbytery; and communications hub for congregations teams and beyond.  Shall nominate the members of the Missional Nominations and Representation Team, and will be responsible for the planning and overseeing of presbytery meetings and worship services.
Moderator:  Jim Miles


Missional Nurturing Team
Responsible for developing and providing resources for the life of the local congregations, education, program and facilities of local congregations.  It shall also serve as liaison between the presbytery and any organizations groups within the presbytery. 
Moderator:  Tracey Spencer-Brown
Missional Ministries Team
Shall fulfill the constitutional requirements of the Book of Order, serving as pastor and counselor to teaching elders, ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service and certified Christian educators of the presbytery; facilitating the relations between the presbytery and its congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service, and certified Christian educators.; and settling difficulties on behalf of the presbytery where possible and expedient.  The team shall also guide, nurture and oversee the process of preparing individuals to becoming a teaching elder. 
Tim Davenport-Herbst

Clerk:  Jobeth McLeod

Missional Outreach Team
Shall be responsible to encourage the health and vitality of the Presbyterian and Reformed witness in every church an d community within the bounds of the presbytery in exploring, defining, supporting and implementing local, national and international mission outreach.  It shall assist the churches to provide leadership, resources and support for existing congregations and seeking opportunities to expand, develop and extend the Presbyterian Church in every community and country within the presbytery.
Moderator:  Jim Miles


Presbyterian Youth Task Force
Made up of youth and adults from the 4 clusters of the presbytery. The purpose of the Youth Task Force is to plan and lead all presbytery youth activities.
Board of Pensions Representative Kevin Keaton